Bed bugs – be cautioned and be bug-free

You need to be bug free and keep your home a bug free zone. We should know what a bed bug’s bite might create. When you are bitten by bed bugs, you may find symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and stress. You might also get skin infections and scars because of the bites and get an itchy feeling throughout. This is because the bed bugs have very dangerous saliva that is full of bacteria. A burning sensation also follows after itching. The immediate solution is to use hot water to get rid of the same. The water should not be very hot that might damage your skin. The water can be more than warm and you can wash the surfaces where the bed bugs have bitten. You can even use a blow dryer to do the same. It is self treated so you should know not to burn your skin. If you are not able to take the heat you might want to stop the treatment and consult a doctor. The hot water or steam treatment will relieve you from the bite from itching and inflammation for hours. However, there is less possibility that the bed bugs might pass on diseases from one host to the other. But one should exercise extra caution to avoid bug bites.

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