Procedure followed in bed bug bites treatment.

Before knowing about bed bug bites treatment it is helpful to know how to recognize a bed bug bite. It is characterized by:

• A red swelling at the point of the bite generally described as a red welt.
• Intense itching at the site.
• Even though these bites cannot be distinguished from mosquito bite the bug bites last longer.

Before going into the details of bed bug bites treatment it is wise to know how people react to the bites. Although similar the reaction to bites depends on causative factors like the skin types, the species to which the bug belongs and the atmospheric conditions. Though itching is the most common manifestation, sometimes the itchy red welts are also absent.
Sometimes people complain of nausea and distress. Anxiety, stress and insomnia can also be the reactions to bites.

The bed bug bites treatment is twofold:
In the first case the person is given systemic corticosteroids to the sensation of itching and burning commonly complained of. Hydrocortisone, a topical corticosteroid has been reported to be effective to some extent.

But the use of these medications is effective only up to a certain extent and does not have a lasting effect on the sensation of itching. Hence the second step is to use hot water fomentation as a method to gradually reduce itching and general discomfort.

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