Bed bug repellent to make your travel safe

It is inevitable that whenever we travel out on a pleasure trip or a business trip, the hotel that we stay in is not completely protected from bedbugs. It is always advisable to carry a bed bug repellent to protect ourselves from bedbug bites. These repellents are made up of insecticidal dusts which are more powerful in comparison to other repellents or insecticides. These are made up of fine granules of silica powder. Frequent use of these repellents is also harmful to the humans. You should use them only if it is necessary and urgent. It works on the outer coats of the bed bugs which dries them out easily.

There are many bed bug repellent products that are available in the market in the form of sprays. Make sure you undertake all safety precautions while spraying the same on the effected areas. If you are not sure of using it or doing it yourself, do call in for help or hire a professional. You should also dispose or clean the infected items in your room. Plan the spraying carefully and ensure you are doing it part by part in the room. The room should be ventilated enough so that you avoid choking and suffocation. Let the air pass by in the room. Make sure you cover all surfaces such as holes, crevices, cracks, etc. Also ask for suggestions from your pest control company on what repellents to use and which is the most feasible and convenient one to get rid of bed bugs.

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