Natural and harmless bed bugs repellent

There are better, natural and safe ways to get rid of the bed bugs. If you cannot buy bed bugs repellent immediately from the stores, you can make natural repellents at home. You can use a bottle of tea tree oil which is available in any drug store. This oil has to be diluted with little water and poured into a spray bottle. This mixture of water and oil can be sprayed on the infested area of the mattress or those areas where you found the bed bugs.

Tea tree oil is natural oil and it is very effective. It kills the bed bugs immediately and drives them out. You can spray it everywhere you feel the bed bugs exist. The next best way to prepare bed bugs repellent is by using boric acid. This acid when dissolved in water will prove to be toxic on the bed bugs. You can spray this mixture in a bottle and spray it on the infested area. You can also use catnip to get rid of bedbugs.

Rinse and crush the catnip by placing it in a dish towel or a cheese cloth. Go over it with a rolling pin. Place this crushed catnip in a jar and pour some rice vinegar. After placing the lid on the jar, store it for two weeks. These two weeks, the jar should be shaken. After that you can separate the liquid from the catnip. You can use tea tree oil in this liquid. This mixture can now be used as a repellent and you can even apply this on your skin. You can reuse this liquid up to six months.

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