Get rid of the bed bug problem

Bed bug elimination has turned out to be a serious task in major cities like New York, Chicago and other such places. Bed bug problem really arouse when there were frequent travelers to these places. These travelers used to bring in different bed bugs and so the bed bug population rose in the hotels, motels and several other public dwelling places. It has now become an alarming situation where each and every house, office, hotel, motel, restaurant, etc. is facing serious bed bug problem getting rid of the bed bugs. In olden days the only way to get rid of the bed bugs was spreading the DDT powder. But since that had serious side effects, that pesticide was banned and they stopped using that. Every other day the pest control department gets a call from the customers but unfortunately there is less knowledge of bed bugs. They feel that they have been bitten by mosquitoes and not bed bugs. It is important that everyone has knowledge about bed bugs and the serious effects that are caused by bed bugs on the body. Although they might look like mosquito bites but they develop as a rash on the body which is not like the mosquito bite. And serious problems like anemia and other body infections are caused due to bed bug bites which are very hazardous and life taking in the long run.

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