Killing bed bugs without chemicals

Killing bed bugs without chemicals - Insecticides are one best way of killing any kind of pests, insects, bed bugs, wasps, rats or mice. They can clean up your messy home within no time and give you an insect free place to live. But at the same time, insecticides and pesticides can harm you and your family. They can cause skin problems, rashes and also respiratory problems for a few people. When you such hazards with insecticides, you can use natural methods to kill the bed bugs or insects. Killing bed bugs especially, can be quite easy for people. There is no chemical usage or any other harmful insecticides, but you can still get rind of those bugging bugs. The best and trusted solution is steam. Boil water continuously until you see steam vapours and put all your mattresses or cushions on the steam. That will kill the bed bugs very easily. They will automatically crawl out and be gone. You can also soak those mattresses in hot water if they are light in weight. Another way of killing bed bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner. You can apply high pressure and vacuum the places where you can find the bed bugs. That will kill the bugs instantaneously and your home can be free of them. Using moth balls can also be another tip for killing bed bugs. The smell of the balls will prevent bugs from infesting.

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