Several ways of bed bug infestation

Bed bugs have become almost ubiquitous in their prevalence and they are found in large numbers infesting homes, hotels, inns, motels even cruise ships, military barracks and so on. Human dwellings are their preferred choice of infestation and they are primarily found in the beds and other places of prevalence are directly linked to the human life style. Thus where ever humans tend to relax or retire these bed bugs find a perfect place to survive, reproduce and spread. Sofas, chairs other pieces of furniture like benches and also curtains, cushions and carpets are the most commonly bed bug infestation areas.

Other factors for bed bug infestation is while humans travel from one place to another and their stays in hotels or other places the bed bugs crawl on to their pieces of luggage and this happens both ways hotel to home and vice versa. Also these bed bugs can come unnoticed while bringing furniture or clothing that is used and infested with bed bugs at the same time brand new furniture too risk to have the infestation while being transported in trucks and vehicles. Besides bed bugs are known to move from one home to another just as they move from one room to another especially when the houses are multi unit housing facilities like apartments. They travel through inter connecting pipes and ducts between these dwellings.

Other potential ways bed bug infestation are through pet animals who act as vectors and also while moving furniture form one place to another the process might result in shedding of bed bugs which find a new place to thrive and infest.

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